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When site visits are impractical or hampered, our Frontend/Backend Service Model is very effective in terms of risk benefit.

Small group of local consultants on site.
Focused on data collection and testing activities.

Large group of international consultants, experts and SMEs.

Focused on creating, reviewing, and compiling documents:

  • Regulatory Compliance activities (cGMPs)
  • (Qualification/Validation/Execution/CAPA)
  • Audits and Evaluations
  • QMS and Quality Control Services
  • 21 CFR Part 11 / 21 CFR 820
  • EU-MDR
  • ISO 13485 / ISO 14921
  • Data Integrity
  • Quality Risk Management

Intelligent Process Control Solution

Star Quality® Is powered by Advance Intelligence Analytics (AIA) enabling manufacturers to better visualize process performance, improve product quality, reduce waste, eliminate returns and drive operational efficiency across the enterprise.

Advance Quality Capabilities

The Star Quality® suite offers an extensive set of advanced business & data science quality tools, utilizing a systematic risk-based approach.


Enable simpler, optimized performance

In today’s fast-moving digital economy, the sheer volume of data generation within organizations is staggering, and often overwhelming. Add in incredibly rapid technology advances, and it’s very easy for any business – especially if it wasn’t born digital – to get left behind. Enterprises urgently need to evolve and adapt, simply to survive.

Businesses need to optimize their IT operations in line with application workloads. They can do this by realizing the benefits of an optimized IT infrastructure.