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Products & Solutions

Star Quality is an Intelligent Process Control Solution powered by Advance Intelligence Analytics (AIA) that enables manufacturers to gain greater visibility into process performance. By leveraging AIA, manufacturers can identify patterns and insights to optimize production quality, minimize waste, reduce returned products, and drive enterprise-wide efficiencies. The technology provides predictive capabilities to detect anomalies and risks proactively. This allows manufacturers to take preventive actions before issues arise on the production line.

Star Quality offers a robust suite of quality management tools built on advanced data science techniques. It utilizes a systematic risk-based approach to quality control. The solution provides capabilities such as statistical process control, failure mode analysis, capability analysis, predictive maintenance, and root cause analysis. These intelligent tools allow manufacturers to identify the critical factors impacting quality and take targeted actions to continuously improve. With the Advance Quality Capabilities of Star Quality, manufacturers can establish data-driven quality management across the value chain.

BistroSuite offers an innovative digital menu or SmartMenu system that is fully customizable and adaptable, allowing restaurants to create a unique visual and gastronomic experience for their customers. The system has tools to showcase dishes, customize designs, highlight sections and adapt the menu to trends. It facilitates ordering, prioritizing and highlighting options to tell the restaurant’s story.

The SmartMenu includes features such as subcategories to guide menu exploration, build-your-own composite products, detailed allergen control, multilingual options and programmable banners to display promotions. The system provides statistics and analytics on the most popular dishes and categories, to understand customer preferences.

It highlights the real-time updating of the Digital Menu, instantly reflecting every change. This allows customers to always have access to the most accurate information. Additionally, the platform has fast performance, with blink-of-an-eye updates, making menu management easy from anywhere and any device.