OEMs partnerships are a critical component of Lihard Solutions Corp. total routes-to-market strategy. Lihard teams with industry-leading equipment manufacturing and service providers companies to optimize selected technology and solutions.


GOLDPACK was founded in 1974, and offers packaging solutions to the industrial sector, designing, manufacturing, representing and marketing industrial equipment adapted to the specific needs of the customer.
We are able to manufacture custom-made industrial equipment with specific requirements.
We are also exclusive representatives of the most important manufacturers of packaging, filling, thermoforming equipment and accessories worldwide.

We provide an excellent technical service, advice and spare parts, where we are always willing to work for you. That is why we say that GoldPack Corporation is "The solution made to measure"


With over 13,000 Robotic Palletizers installed worldwide, we are unmatched in "Palletizing" Technology. Fuji Robotics has been developing Robotic Palletizers for over 30 years. We have a solution that will meet the needs of your business whether you are a large or small manufacture.

  • EC-101The EC-101 robot is one of the most efficient robotic palletizers, utilizing only 2.5 kVA. The EC-101 offers moderate production rates making this a cost effective solution for a variety of applications.
  • EC-171The EC-171 robot has the largest working envelope of all Fuji Robot models. It also maintains the smallest rotation radius, while consuming only 4 kva of energy. This robot is a great mid-level option.
  • EC-151The EC-151 has a slightly shorter profile than other models. This allows EC-151 to operate in tight floor space and ceiling height environment, three versions of this robot: EC-151A/B/C provide various combinations of the vertical and horizontal reach based on the project requirements.
  • EC-201Through many years of research and development the EC-201 robot is one of the most technologically advanced robotic palletizers on the market today. This model can be configured for high speed or heavy weight applications.


Specializes in the design, manufacturing and service of food packaging machinery.
In a dynamic universe of ideas in which art challenges technology, the latter serves as inspiration and thus the work materializes.
In the search for unique solutions tailored to the needs of its customers we find the perfect balance between their conception and their material realization.
We are constantly working on the development of products and processes aimed at the food industry, seeking to ensure the prestige, continuity and growth thereof, conceiving art as both mentally and experiential reflective activity.


Designs and manufactures marking and coding printing systems and associated fluids, supplies and accessories.
BestCode industrial printing systems print real-time lot/date, sell-by dates, expiration dates and other identifying marks on industrial and consumer goods to ensure product traceability. Products are designed and manufactured in the USA; Fort Worth, Texas.
For 25 years, the BestCode group continues to produce industry changing, forward thinking innovative industrial printing designs. Product designs are focused on ease of use, trouble free operation, long term reliability, and affordable cost of ownership with an emphasis on global market requirements.
BestCode products are sold and serviced through a world-wide network of factory authorized, trained and certified distributor partners.
BestCode advantages:

  • Marking and Coding Specialists
  • State-of-the-Art, Current Technology
  • Industrial, Built to Last Products
  • Product design for World Market
  • Design and manufactured in USA


Macsa designs, develops and delivers and markets coding and marking lasers. It is a leading global supplier and supplies customers, including multi-nationals and OEMs, in packaged goods and industrial markets through a network of value adding distributors.
Macsa has been developing laser systems since 1990 and continues to invest 8% of its revenues in research and development.
• Macsa’s laser product range includes CO2, YAG and fiber lasers.
• The CO2 range includes the iCON laser coder: a cost effective alternative to continuous inkjet printers.
• The YAG and fiber ranges include the NANO industrial lasers: attractive, all-in-one alternatives to more expensive systems.

  • The CO2 range includes the iCON laser coder: a cost effective alternative to continuous inkjet printers.
  • The YAG and fiber ranges include the NANO industrial lasers: attractive, all-in-one alternatives to more expensive systems.
  • Macsa’s products are easy to install and easy to use. Its Marca software enables users of its lasers to develop messages, communicate across users of its lasers to develop messages, communicate across networks and operate their lasers. They may be controlled using the iTOUCH touch screen controller. The iLASERBOX laser marking workstation provides a safe operating environment for small semi-manual YAG and fiber applications. Macsa and its distributors support their customers with best of class service processes wherever they are.


Is world known as top-class machines manufacturer for secondary packaging and produces more than 17.000 machines per year since 1970.
Our product range includes semi-automatic as well as fully automatic machines like Case Sealers and Case Erectors, Stretch Wrappers, Strapping Tools and Machines, Flexographinc Printing Machines and Tape Dispensers.
• The company is present in more than 100 countries all over the world and is constantly investing worldwide to meet customer’s actual and future demand.


  • Case Handling Systems: Case Sealers, Case Erectors, Packing Stations, Taping Units, Ink-jet Printer, Conveyors
  • Strapping Systems: Strapping Tools, Automatic Strapping machines
  • Flexographic Printers Systems: Flexographic machines and Accessories
  • Manual Dispensers: Hand Dispensers, Desk Dispensers, Bag Sealers, Stretch Film Dispensers
  • Wrapping Systems: Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping machines, Automatic Stretch Wrapping machines, Reel Holder Carriages
  • Strapping Systems: Strapping Tools, Automatic Strapping machines
  • Flexographic Printers Systems: Flexographic machines and Accessories
  • Manual Dispensers: Hand Dispensers, Desk Dispensers, Bag Sealers, Stretch Film Dispensers


TLM provides food and packaging in flow pack suitable for any packaging requirement, following the highest standards in force in terms of reliability. safety and quality. The food and packaging TLM will be able to support you in your production process in the best way.

Our flowrapping machines are designed to satisfy the requirements of low cost and reliability.

High performance, versatility, ease of operation are the main features of our machines. Moreover we have developed in these years a very special attention for the style and the design which has become our worldwide trademark.


A company constantly engaged in the refinement of its products: materials selected from a well-equipped laboratory, modern and innovative printing machines, trained and motivated personnel. Vanguard labels and sleeves that ensure compliance with the specifications and all the efficiency essential to the manufacturing industry. Arca is a research company and invests about 5% of its R & D revenue, depositing on average a patent every year. An ISO 9001 certified quality system (design, production and sales) and ISO14001, based on modern procedures, inspired by lean production theories and total quality. A flexible organization designed for customer satisfaction, with a clear vision and a precise mission to pursue.
Specializing in self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves, Arca also produces labeling machines. By designing and manufacturing consumables and machines, Arca has mastered both aspects of the subject and can provide unmatched consulting planning and full service with a single qualified manager.


Printed in flexo, lithograph (off-set), screen printing and digital techniques (toner and ink jet). Enriched by sophisticated workmanships such as hot decor, embossing, glossy and opaque lacquers, varnishing and rolling protection. Arca offers a unique range of graphics and card printing solutions, self-adhesive labels or shrink sleeves, to realize creative ideas and enhance every type of packaging.

  • No-label look labels
  • Holographic labels
  • Wine labels
  • Striped Linerless Labels
  • Sleeve Labels


Founded in 1969 in Watford, UK
Specialist designer and manufacturer of induction & high frequency equipment.
Global supplier to numerous leading food, beverage & pharmaceutical companies.
Pioneer of direct/capless induction sealing technology.
Granted European and US patents.

Pioneering Developments including:

  • World first ceramic foil punching & induction sealing system
  • World first rotary continuous motion induction sealing machine
  • World leading OEM induction power supply for packaging industry


For forty years in the field of storage and handling of raw materials, the initial activity, based on the production of large flexible bags has then expanded with the production of a wide range of storage silos evolving over time to achieve high levels of technology in the realization of complete systems of transport and automated dosing.

Technosilos designs customized systems for the management of solid and liquid bulk materials, simple to use and with high standards of safety.We carry the complete automation of all operations on the raw materials.

Receiving, Storage, Conveying, Treatment (sieving, mixing, grinding, thermic treatment, etc…), Dosage, Special applications.

The extreme modularity of the systems designed and manufactured allows installation at companies ranging from small bakeries to large industrial complex and are adaptable successfully in various industrial sectors: Food, Paper, Cardboard, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Technosilos combines technological development and quality to competitive prices for the maximum benefit to the customer.


Styrotech, Inc. was founded in 1987 on the simple premise of "providing the highest quality products and the best possible service in the industry." Our positive and lasting relationships with our customers are testament to the fact that we continue to meet these goals. Our uncompromising commitment to quality is no accident, and it begins with our people.
Our skilled and dedicated employees provide a seamless environment of excellence in every aspect of our daily business. From design to scheduling, through production to delivery, experienced professionals take responsibility for every order. That is why our customers get what they need, when they need it, without problems.
At Styrotech, we know fulfilling our expectations for quality produces a level of satisfaction among our customers that is unparalleled. We know because they tell us so. Give us a call and discover again how enjoyable doing business can be. We look forward to putting our knowledge and experience to work for you.
Fabricated STYRO-FLEX EPS – Better By Design
Styrotech can help you quickly develop protective packaging, display, signage and OEM components that meet your specific application requirements, as well as your budget. We can fabricate EPS into almost any shape or size, up to 36″ x 48″ x 144″. From composite packages and corner and edge protectors to theater props and signage, our design team can create fabricated shapes that will provide you with economical solutions to your diverse needs.
PROTECTIVE PACKAGING EPS foam provides effective and economical packaging protection. When you work with Styrotech, you can expect quick turnaround times, superior quality and competitive pricing. Advantages of EPS Foam Packaging

  • Excellent cushioning and resilience
  • Strong, yet lightweight
  • Resistant to the effects of moisture
  • Clean appearance
  • Environmentally sound (no CFCs or HCFCs)


When our company’s founder, J.M. Lapeyre, invented modular plastic conveyor belting more than 40 years ago, it revolutionized the field of product conveyance. We continue to transform processes and industries with our state-of-the-art modular plastic belts and accessories. Though we are constantly envisioning, designing, and engineering new conveyance technologies, our foremost innovation remains the foundation of what we do.

Why Choose Modular Plastic Belting?

As the inventors and leading innovators of modular plastic belting, we have more experience with its design, engineering, and application than any other company on the market.

Intralox belts are made of plastic modules and are assembled in an interlocked, bricklayed pattern with full-length hinge rods—an inherently strong design. Driven and tracked by plastic sprockets, Intralox belts have the qualities that plant operators and designers look for: corrosion resistance, positive drives, high strength, low friction, abrasion resistance, and the ability to be built to almost any width and length, with a variety of flights, sideguards, and other accessories.


The Packfeeder feeding systems can be adapted to multiple sizes, geometries and speeds, which makes them one of the most complete ranges available on the market.
Product range:
Their simplicity of use is combined with a format change without using tools or adjustments, the absence of compressed air and the advantage of being the most compact system in its segment, all of which have led the Packfeeder solution to becomes a benchmark in its sector.
Packfeeder has a team of experts which has fed millions of plastic packages, and their experience helps them to adapt the feeding solutions to the particularities of each production line.
The search for new challenges, the attention to detail and a constant desire for innovation define Packfeeder’s DNA. Their continuous learning is put into practice in the day-to-day and this makes up the basis of the organisation’s progress.


LAUMAS Elettronica has operated in the INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING and BATCHING market since 1984, with applications tailored for a wide variety of sectors. Through careful analysis of customer needs and the presence of a sophisticated internal research laboratory, LAUMAS Elettronica manufactures reliable precision products, characterised by excellent quality/price ratio, certificates and compliance with relevant industry standards on a national and international level.
The advanced IT system allows all the production processes to be managed efficiently and offers a targeted technical assistance service.

The wide range of products and components for industrial weighing systems is designed to be compliant with the most relevant industry standards and is certified by the most established national and international bodies.

  • Electronic instruments for weighing and batching
  • System supervisory software from PC
  • Load cells
  • Mounting kits for load cells
  • Weighing platforms and modules
  • Multifunction scales
  • Digital crane scales for suspended loads


Company thought as ORGANIZATION fundamental and necessary to realize avance guard machineries which must completely meet our Customers needs.
The Customer Satisfaction is the motor of our company, without a positive and satisfying feedback from our Customers we will miss the essential motivations for the continuous improvement.
The concept "ON SITE" let to have always under control every single company function, to have in our hands the Know-how, keeping and improving it.
We have not been limiting ourselves to think about a project, but we realize it completely from the beginning, following each single detail.
We manufacture more than 100 machines per year and export the 80% of our sales, these elements make Axomatic a company with international fame.

Axomatic is worlwide leader in projecting and realizing automatic machines for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chimical and food sectors. We have been producing for more than 30 years and always with the same passion the following machines:

  • Undervacuum homogenizers and heated melters
  • Tube filling and closing machines for aluminium, plastic or laminated tubes
  • Volumetric dosing machines
  • Complete bottle filling an capping lines
  • Special machins (for jars, mascara, cartridges, syringes, monodose, lip gloss etc.)
  • Intermittent or continuous cartoning machines