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Areas of Expertise

AR/VR Development

At Lihard Solutions Corp., we lead the way in crafting immersive digital experiences that transcend the boundaries of reality.

 Augmented Reality (AR) Development: We bring the digital world into your reality, enhancing your environment with interactive and engaging digital content.

Virtual Reality (VR) Development: We create immersive VR environments that transport users to captivating virtual worlds. Our VR applications are designed for training, simulation, entertainment, and more, delivering truly immersive experiences.

 End-to-End Support: From concept to deployment, we provide comprehensive end-to-end support, ensuring your AR/VR project is seamlessly executed and exceeds expectations.


Business Analytics

The all-encompassing concept of business analytics underscores the holistic approach to leveraging data as a strategic asset, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, optimize processes, gain a competitive edge, and adapt to changing market conditions. It is a vital component of modern business management and strategy.

 In essence, we’re your strategic partners, using data analytics as a compass to guide your business toward greater success.

Software Development

At Lihard Solutions Corp., we subscribe to a philosophy that encapsulates the core of software development. Our commitment lies in delivering an array of solutions that encompass:

Solution Creation: We specialize in designing, creating, and bringing to life custom software, applications, and systems that cater to the unique needs of your business or project.

Rigorous Testing: Quality assurance is at the heart of our process. Our team rigorously tests every facet of your software, ensuring it’s error-free and up to the highest standards.

Seamless Deployment: We handle the entire lifecycle, from creation to seamless deployment, to make sure your software is ready to perform its intended tasks without any hiccups.

Ongoing Maintenance: Our commitment doesn’t end at deployment. We provide ongoing maintenance to keep your software up-to-date, secure, and efficient.

Validation Services

IT/Systems Integration

At Lihard Solutions Corp., we are your strategic partners in optimizing technology for seamless operations and enhanced value.

Our approach transforms your technology assets into valuable tools, helping you get the most out of your IT investments.